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High Court Enforcement

County offer High Court Enforcement Services under the authority of Nicholas Davy Todd (Authorised High Court Enforcement Officer).

Virtually any judgment that is issued in the County Court (where the value is over £600) we can enforce.

To enforce a judgment we will attend at the address(es) provided for the defendant with a High Court Writ (either for money or possession).

In the case of a Writ of Control (money order) this allows the enforcing officer to seize and remove goods belonging to the defendant should the judgment value not be paid.

Transferring to High Court

If you have a judgment made in the County Court we offer a free transfer service which will allow us to act on your behalf. The only cost is £60 which is a Court administration fee to apply for the writ. The payment is made payable to HM Courts and Tribunal Service. This must be made in advance but it is recoverable from the defendant once the enforcement has been successful.

To transfer the County Court judgment up to High Court typically takes between 24 and 48 hours but this will depend on the County Court and it could possibly take longer.

To allow us to act on your behalf please provide:

  1. A copy of the judgment you would like enforced
  2. Complete the online instruction form
  3. Payment of £60 which is made payable to HM Courts and Tribunal Service (if you need the writ obtained on your behalf)

We will keep you up to date with the progress of the transfer where necessary and as soon as we have the writ an enforcement officer will attend the defendants address.

What happens when you attend the defendants address?

Writ of Control (money order)
The enforcement officer will establish the identity of the defendant and will then seize goods belonging to them and request that the payment is made which is due under the writ. Should the defendant be in a position that they cannot pay the full balance a minimal payment may be offered. Goods that are seized are only generally removed if payment is refused, the defendant cannot pay or that the enforcement officer feels that the goods are likely to be removed or could be at risk.

Possession Orders
The enforcement officer will attend the property (with a locksmith if necessary) and will ask any persons present to leave the property. Once all persons have left the property the officer will conduct a thorough search of the property to verify that the property is clear of ALL persons. Only once the officer is satisfied that it is empty will they then hand the property over to the client (or their pre-approved agent)

How long will it take to enforce?

Once you have the possession or money order and the permission to transfer to the High Court we can have the writ drawn up for you and sealed. This can take between 24 and 72 hours including enforcement

Do I have anything to pay?

Warrant of Control
In most cases fees incurred are paid for by the defendant. This is in line with the Tribunals Court and Enforcement Act 2007. Under these regulations we can charge fees in addition to the judgement debt. These fees are only relevant where we are successful in enforcing the judgement.

Possession orders
There is a payment which is payable for this service – you will find that our rates are very competitive. Please call our client services team on 0844 561 1250 to discuss this in confidence.

If enforcement is unsuccessful due to lack of goods or the inability to pay then you will be liable to pay an abortive fee of £75 plus VAT

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