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Forfeiture is a means of terminating a lease prior to the contractual termination date because of a breach in the terms by the tenant. The effect of forfeiture is that the lease ends from the date of forfeiture and all future obligations under the lease fall away.

Our service provides you with:

  • Nationwide coverage
  • Immediate attendance to obtain possession of the demised premises
  • Approved locksmiths with the Master Locksmiths association
  • Forfeiture notices supplied, prepared and displayed at the property
  • HD Video and photos of the forfeiture process
  • Photos and full inventory of the assets on site

We can also provide you with:

  • The preparation and issuing of a TORTS notice (Interference of Goods Act 1977)
  • A valuation of any assets remaining on site at the expiry of the TORTS notice.

  • This will be provided by our sister company, Sherlocks Valuers and Auctioneers Ltd who are members of NAVA (National Association of Valuers and Auctioneers).

  • Advice on removal and clearance of the site and the best route to sale to maximise value of the remaining assets. Leaving you with a clear site.

At all times our certificated enforcement agents will act professionally and will respect the relationship between landlord and tenant.

To download our guide to forfeitures click the image below

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CRAR Warrant

Landlords have the right to recover rent as soon as it is overdue through CRAR
CRAR Warrant

Forfeiture of lease

Forfeiture is a means of terminating a lease due to a breach in the lease terms by the tenant.
Commercial Forfeiture / Repossession


The right to remove and evict unwanted persons or squatters from commercial premises.

High Court Enforcement

Transfer and Enforcement of judgment and possession orders.

High Court Enforcement

Process Serving

Process serving, investigation, tracing and asset location.

Process Serving

Travellers The right to remove travellers and unwanted persons from private open land.
High Court Writ of Possession

Ancillary debt Service charges, insurance and associated costs. Ancillary Debt

Tracing Trace enquiries for business and people, including addresses and assets. Trace Investigations

Quick Clicks - FAQ's

How does it work?

One of our experienced bailiffs will attend the premises with our approved locksmith for the purpose of changing the exterior locks of the demised premises; Notices are then displayed at the premises to notify the previous tenant of the action taken in accordance with the law.

What do I do now?

The process of taking back possession of your commercial premises does not go without its limitations. For this reason County provide free impartial pre eviction advice and solutions based on your particular circumstances you can contact our team on 0844 561 1261 or you can request a call back.


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