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The expressions ‘squatter’ and ‘trespasser’ have the same meaning and are interchangeable. A trespasser or squatter is a party who enters onto, or remains on, property without lawful authority or permission from the party with an immediate right to occupation of that property.

Landlords have a common law right to obtain possession back from a trespasser, traveller, squatter or persons unknown from their property. For more information call us now or instruct us.

County is a market leading and established company in the area of squatter and trespasser evictions. From evictions of 1 person to highly televised operations, County excel, providing first class solutions on a fixed fee basis agreed before instruction.

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CRAR Warrant

Landlords have the right to recover rent as soon as it is overdue through CRAR
CRAR Warrant

Forfeiture of lease

Forfeiture is a means of terminating a lease due to a breach in the lease terms by the tenant.
Commercial Forfeiture / Repossession


The right to remove and evict unwanted persons or squatters from commercial premises.

High Court Enforcement

Transfer and Enforcement of Writs.

High Court Enforcement

Process Serving

Process serving, investigation, tracing and asset location.

Process Serving

Travellers The right to remove travellers and unwanted persons from private open land. High Court Possession
High Court Enforcement Possession

Ancillary debt Service charges, insurance and associated costs. Ancillary Debt
High Court Enforcement Possession

Tracing Trace enquiries for business and people, including addresses and assets. Trace Investigations
Trace Investigations


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