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County Bailiff Company - Est. 1982

Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR)

Landlords or their agents have the right to instruct County Enforcement Group to recover unpaid pure rents once the rent becomes overdue in accordance with Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR).

Section 77(1) – CRAR is exercisable once rent has become due and payable, i.e. immediately after the quarter day.

Highly trained enforcement agents will attend the demised premises and carry out enforcment proceeding subject to your compliance notice and lawfully carry out the CRAR process of enforcement. County Enforcement Group can provide alternate solutions to recover your outstanding, service charges, insurance or other sums not reserved as ‘Pure’ rent.

Stage 1 – Landlord or their agent instruct County Enforcement Group online and complete a warrant of control instruction.

Stage 2 – County Enforcement Group will serve a seven day Notice of Binding on the tenant subject to Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Act 2007 - CRAR

Stage 3 – Should full payment not be forthcoming County Enforcement Group will attend the demised premises to issue a Warrant of Control. Our highly trained enforcement agent will implement the next stage of enforcement – taking control of goods.

Stage 4 – Solutions available should full payment not be made.

1. Immediate removal of all assets, for the purpose of sale (offsite)
2. Lock up the premises (not recognised as forfeiture) for the purpose of sale (onsite)
3. Seizure of assets on the public highways
4. Enter into Controlled Goods Agreement to facilitate payment plan (formerly a walking possession)

County Enforcement Group’s service provides:

  • Nationwide coverage
  • Highly trained Civil Enforcement Agents and case support staff
  • Seizure of assets on the demised premises

We can also provide you with access to:

  • A valuation of assets seized. This will be provided by our independant auctioneer, Sherlocks Valuers and Auctioneers Ltd who are members of NAVA (National Association of Valuers and Auctioneers).
  • Recommendations on removal and costs and the available routes to sale to maximise value of the assets

At all times our certificated enforcement agents will act professionally and will respect the relationship between landlord and tenant.

Instruct Us ...

CRAR Warrant

Landlords have the right to recover rent as soon as it is overdue through CRAR
CRAR Warrant

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Forfeiture is a means of terminating a lease due to a breach in the lease terms by the tenant.
Commercial Forfeiture / Repossession


The right to remove and evict unwanted persons or squatters from commercial premises.

High Court Enforcement

Transfer and Enforcement of judgment and possession orders.

High Court Enforcement

Process Serving

Process serving, investigation, tracing and asset location.

Process Serving

Travellers The right to remove travellers and unwanted persons from private open land.
High Court Writ of Possession

Ancillary debt Service charges, insurance and associated costs. Ancillary Debt

Tracing Trace enquiries for business and people, including addresses and assets. Trace Investigations


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